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1-on-1 Premium Training

Perfect for executives, managers, and consultants who want premium, private, fast-paced training.

Join me for an exclusive experience at your convenience. Enjoy direct instruction, open conversation, comprehensive feedback — all on a condensed schedule.

Choose any one of these leading certifications:

Applying Professional Kanban

Improve workflow, increase visibility, establish reliable service level expectations.


Professional Scrum Master Class

Explore the Scrum framework — the best-known product development strategy.


Professional Scrum Product Owner

Explore Product Development — Essential skills for aspiring Product Managers.


Professional Scrum with User Experience

Blend cutting-edge UX design techniques effectively with Scrum teams.


$1,475.00 USD

“David is an exceptional trainer. Nobody should think twice if given a chance to take his classes.”

“David is a knowledgeable teacher with a wealth of experience, and he is a caring coach who will help you understand how to use Scrum and grow as a professional.”

“Very professional and knowledgeable instructor. It was an interactive class so never bored. I highly recommend for anyone and any level.”

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