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About David Sabine

“exceptionally high level of Scrum knowledge and experience”

– Director of DevOps & Services


I coach and train product development teams.

My career in Product Development and Agile Engineering Practices developed between 1993 and 1998. I worked as a freelance developer until 2001 when I partnered with Darrel Hall on two content management products called 20/20 Realtor and 20/20 Auto Gallery. By 2006, those products powered more than 2000 websites worldwide and were translated by the user community into 7 languages.

In developing those products, I came to understand the importance of:

  • clean code
  • continuous delivery
  • refactoring
  • user-centred design

The success of our product was met with competition and legal challenges by the Canadian Real Estate Assocation. Had we the financial resources at the time, we might have met those challenges head on, but instead we terminated the product in 2006 and I took a position as webmaster with a college in Alberta.

Like most large enterprises, I experienced crippling bureauracy and all varieties of mismanagement at the college. But, the future-looking CIO at the time had the foresight to contract a Scrum trainer in 2007. I was introduced formally to Scrum by Mishkin Berteig and I have been helping teams and organizations use Scrum ever since.

In 2012, with 5 years’ Scrum experience, I moved to Toronto to join as Product Owner and eventually became Senior Consultant and full-time Scrum Trainer with Berteig in 2015. In 2018, I launched my independent training and coaching practice.

I’ve had the privilege of working with leading organizations in Finance, Insurance, Health, Education, Marketing, Mobile app development, Retail and Cloud to help them achieve better business results through Agile principles and practices.

Alongside the training and coaching, I still write software and I frequently contribute to open source products.

As Professional Scrum Trainer with, I work to improve the profession of software delivery. I help organizations deliver products of the highest possible quality and value. My career highlights the intersection of business, technology, art and education. With my broad experience, I helps organizations and teams understand agility at all levels: practice and delivery, leadership and stewardship, organizational design and culture. I live in London, Ontario, and work with clients across Canada.


Sincere regards,

David Sabine